Maglev 200™ Visual-Haptic Workstations

We provide several inexpensive components which will allow configuration of visual-haptic workstations for a variety of different uses. These components are combined with the user's host computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other equipment to create complete systems. Please refer to our table data sheet for ordering details.


The maglev haptic device can be installed by the customer in any standard work surface using the MLHI Mounting Manual furnished with each system. This requires cutting a special lipped hole using a router setup, generally done by a skilled cabinet maker. As a convenience, tables with pre-cut holes can be ordered from Butterfly Haptics. This makes it easy to install the mounting rings, provided with every maglev haptic system, in the table surface. We place the hole in the center of the table to accomodate both left- and right-handed users, at a distance from the front edge to allow resting one's elbow comfortably on the surface. Our attractive, height-adjustable tables are fabricated by Versatables, Inc. and then processed by our facility to create the special mounting hole. We provide these tables in several different sizes with gray or black frames and tops.

Visual-haptic workstation with small table

Visual-haptic worktation with a Model 221GG table.

Shown above is a workstation configured with a small 30" by 30" work surface. Here, the maglev haptic controller is shown on the left, and the user's client machine is shown on the right. The user's LCD monitor is supported by an articulated arm. (We recommend the Chief Manufacturing KCG110 height-adjustable dual arm desk mount, which allows the monitor to be adjusted to positions right over the maglev haptic device.) This size table is ideal when compactness is desired and works well in a laboratory environment.

Visual-haptic workstation with large table

Visual-haptic workstation with a Model 222GG table.

Shown above is a workstation configured with a larger 48" wide by 30" deep work surface. The user's client computer is on the left, and the maglev haptic controller is on the right. This size is useful if additional work area is desirable.

A Model 223 table which is 36" deep by 48" wide can also be ordered. With this table, there is sufficient depth to permit the Model 202 Controller to be mounted underneath using the Model 231 Controller Holder option (below).

Controller Holder Option

With a table of at least 36" depth, such as the Model 223 table, a convenient Model 231 Controller Holder Option may be ordered. This user-installed option is a simple 3-piece black-anodized aluminum assembly. The controller simply slides into the U-shaped holder. Please refer to our table data sheet for ordering details.