Butterfly Haptics is proud to announce the new Maglev 200™ Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interface! We think you'll agree it is an awesome product. Our mission is to provide the highest performance haptic interface systems to the research, development, and advanced applications community.

Maglev 200 haptic device

A breakthrough in haptics

Maglev Haptics™ is a revolutionary new technology for high-fidelity interaction with virtual or remote environments through the sense of touch. The user grasps a handle rigidly attached to a flotor levitated by strong magnetic fields. The handle can be freely moved in six degrees of freedom through a comfortable motion range, sending position and orientation information to the user's application. The application, in turn, outputs forces and torques to the handle.

Available haptic-interaction devices are small back-driven robot arms, which include mechanical elements that can limit fidelity due to friction, backlash, link bending, and motor cogging. These drawbacks are eliminated with Maglev Haptics™. Please see some comparisons for a discussion.

Butterfly Haptic's Maglev 200™ system is the first commercial haptic system to employ the principles of Lorentz levitation to give the user an extremely high-fidelity haptic experience. For maximum performance the system includes its own high-performance embedded controller, off-loading burdensome computations from the user's host computer. The hardware incorporates several highly innovative design features and advanced manufacturing technologies to provide high quality and reliable operation at a reasonable cost.

The Maglev 200™ magnetic levitation haptic interface

More detailed information on the Maglev 200™ is available below.